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Lash and Brow Treatments to Enhance Your Natural Beauty

At Wellness ☤ Cosmetic Clinic by Body.Bar, we know that it’s important to look as confident as you feel on the inside. Our clinical team includes lash and brow specialists who have advanced knowledge, training, and experience in crafting an ideal, customized look to perfectly frame your eyes.

Stunning, Safe Lash Treatments

  • Lash Tinting: Eyelash tinting uses a customized pigment to create darker, thicker, longer lashes. It mimics mascara, without the risk of smudging or clumping. Treatment takes 10 minutes and lasts up to one week. To get a bolder look, pair your tint with a lash lift.
  • Lash Lifts: Lash lift is an alternative to lash extensions and false lashes. Lash lifts work by using a safe FDA approved formula by giving your natural lashes a long lasting lifted effect from the root without using a curler. Lash lift is customized for your desired level of lift and curl. Our lash experts will evaluate your natural lash length and eye shape and help you find the lash look that will best suit you. Lash lift will last 6-8 weeks. This service is often paired with lash tinting for a more bolder defined look.
  • Lash Extensions: Get fuller, longer, thicker lashes with our lash extensions. One by one, each faux mink lash is dipped in medical-grade coal tar free glue and applied individually to your natural eyelash in a process that takes about two hours. Our lash specialists use a high-quality lash from Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions, made with synthetic faux-mink eyelashes that feature a natural curve and are applied with completely safe, coal tar-free glue. The extensions last up to four weeks, and we recommend a fill every two weeks to maintain thickness.
    Lash Looks:
    • Classic Set
    • Hybrid Set
    • Volume Set
    • Mega Volume Set

Bold, Beautiful Brows

  • Brow Waxing: We use a hyper-sensitive hard and soft wax that is safe for all body types to remove unwanted brow hair and create your ideal shape. The process is quick and effective, involves minimal discomfort, and is ideal for both men and women.
  • Brow Threading: An ancient technique practiced in the Middle East for centuries, brow threading involves twisting and rolling a 100% cotton thread over the area, removing hair from the root to create an ideal, defined shape. Safe and effective for sensitive skin.
  • Brow Tinting: We use specific tinting dye formulated for the brows to produce the appearance of darker, thicker brows, filled-in gaps, and a defined shape. Treatment takes about 15 minutes and results last one week.
  • Henna Brows: Henna brows involve tinting the brow on a deeper level, staining the skin below the brow to give the appearance of depth and fullness. These results last longer than a tint, up to one month. Henna is a natural, plant-based dye and safe to use on the brows.
  • Brow Lamination: This keratin treatment is designed to tame unruly hairs, define brow shape, and create a just-combed look while creating the illusion of fuller brows and stimulating hair growth. The process takes up to one hour and lasts for up to eight weeks.
  • HD Brow: HD Brows combine semi permanent filler with shaping and design, providing the appearance of a thicker, fuller brow with a boost and filling in smaller gaps with shaping tools. Treatment takes 15-20 minutes.

Talk to Our Lash and Brow Specialists For a Customized Look

Our team of in-house lash and brow specialists at Wellness ☤ Cosmetic Clinic by Body.Bar are dedicated to helping you find the look and shape that suits your eyes. It’s our goal to help you stand out and unleash your confidence, and we’ll work with you to find the best solution to suit your needs. Book an appointment to meet with us now to get started.