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Innovative, Precise Micropigmentation Services in Toronto

At Wellness ☤ Cosmetic Clinic by Body.Bar, we are dedicated to providing the most innovative, advanced solutions to your wellness and cosmetic concerns. Micropigmentation is one of those innovative technologies we offer, and our staff is highly trained and experienced in flawless, precise application of this technique.

What is Micropigmentation?

Micropigmentation is also known as semi-permanent makeup. During this process we apply a hypoallergenic pigment onto the epidermis of the skin by using a medical grade 100% sterile blade. This blade creates ‘hairlike’ strokes and shades on the surface while the pigment is embedded onto the surface of the skin. With results lasting 1-3 years depending on the technique you choose, you can drastically cut back the time you spend on your daily makeup routine. At Wellness ☤ Cosmetic Clinic by Body.Bar, our clinical experts are licensed and certified to execute flawless, precise, natural-looking results to each and every one of our patients.

Lip Blushing

Re-define and enhance your lip contours with lip blushing. This technique is done by defining the outline of your lips with small sterile needles and high-quality pigment, providing them with a natural and beautiful tint. The process is sometimes referred to as semi-permanent makeup.

Lip treatments are completely customizable and offer a semi-permanent soft lip brush effect, which creates a natural-looking fullness and colour. Whether you desire a simple boost or a plump pout, our clinical technicians will craft your ideal look with an experienced, steady hand.

Expect the enhancement to last from 1-3 years.


Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup procedure which uses a special handheld microblading eyebrow device to draw on strokes that mimic the appearance of real brow hairs. The device uses a tiny needle to make small pricks in the surface of the skin, mimicking feather like strokes that are filled in with medical-grade pigment. This procedure helps fill ‘gaps’ in the brow, providing a more fuller, even brow shape that looks natural.

We take a careful, custom approach to each of our patients. Our experts are highly trained in creating the ideal brow for your face shape, producing your desired look with extreme precision and craft. All procedures are done with the utmost care, keeping your wellbeing and comfort in mind.

Microblading can be an effective solution for those who experience thinning eyebrows due to aging, over-tweezed brows, hormonal changes, medical conditions, natural deficiencies, or other causes. It is also an ideal way to achieve fuller, healthier looking brows without the time and effort of colouring them in with makeup.


Unlike microblading, which creates tiny hair strokes, microshading offers a gradient effect to the brow by adding tiny micro shades instead of fine hair strokes. During the process, pigment is applied in small, thin lines via medical-grade needles, but is inserted at a deeper level to achieve the gradient look. For this reason the technique is sometimes referred to as “powder brows” because it resembles the appearance of brow powder. The results are fuller, softer brows with a natural look.

Microshading is a suitable option for those with oily skin, sensitive skin that may react to certain types of makeup, and those who already have full brows but desire more shape. It can also be layered with microblading for a subtle, soft effect.

Ombre Eyebrows

Ombre brows are done using a similar technique to microshading, but offer an ombre effect to the brow. The result is light shading toward the beginning of the brow and gradually darkening toward the end. This technique is a combination of microblading strokes and shading techniques to achieve a soft, defined shape.

The ombre brow technique is designed to mimic the appearance of penciled-in brows, in a more natural way than applying makeup products. It is well suited to all skin types and can provide effective results for any brow shape and style.

It’s More Than Just Makeup

Micropigmentation is a great choice for a variety of people who have limitations when using traditional types of makeup, either from the makeup itself or from the movement of applying the makeup. Therefore, this innovative procedure is a great choice for many different reasons, and can benefit everyone.

Micropigmentation can be helpful for the following types of individuals (among many others):

  • People who have limited movement or range of motion from arthritis, injuries, or medical conditions such as multiple sclerosis
  • Chemotherapy patients
  • People who wear glasses, contact lenses, or have otherwise sensitive eyes
  • People who are allergic to traditional makeup
  • Those who are seeing the physical signs of aging, such as thinning eyebrows
  • Lip blushing helps with evening out hyper or hypo pigmentation on the lips as well as correcting uneven lip border

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